One Giant Leap…

Pictures from August 5, 2011  (password required)

How is it that summer camp can create so much independence?  Is it simply the model of camp that gives us independence or is it just being away from our parents?

Camp gives us a chance to try and do it ourselves, or at least it makes us feel that we are doing that. It’s something that we wish we could do as parents, but is so very hard to do. As parents we want to be there to “help” and to make sure our kids are always happy and maybe that’s why we can’t let them go make their own decisions or make mistakes.

I love the August Session of camp, mostly because there are so many new guys here that are giving it their best shot away from home for the first time. Of course, the sheer excitement, joy, and laughter are a close second.  Learning new skills and making friends is a big part of what the boys are doing here.  What about making their own decisions? How about trying an activity and realizing it wasn’t what they thought?  Personally, I love seeing the boys find their way around camp; figuring out what activity is next and what they need to wear, or even figuring out how to make their bed and get dressed… What an opportunity to be a kid, yet feel like you’re calling the shots.

Another awesome day at camp!  There was a lot of great skills and advancement happening in the activities.  I even saw the boys starting to explore some new options in the dining hall.  The boys are finally in the groove and really starting to get the most out of camp.  It takes a week just to figure out what is actually going on.  Now we are ready to tear it up!

Thanks for letting us have the opportunity to show the boys what High Rocks is all about.  We sure are having fun!!!

Have a wonderful night.

Don Gentle
Associate Director

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