Tuesday at High Rocks

Pictures from August 9, 2011  (password required)

Heading out on a backpacking overnight

Last night was a time to relax a bit.  The campers and staff have been going hard each day of the session, so last night we set up a screen in the gym and all of us watched a movie.  The movie title is always a closely guarded secret until showtime.  If any campers ever ask me what the movie is going to be I always respond that “it might be ‘Bambi’, but I’m not sure”.  With popcorn and candy bars, it was just like going out to a movie with 150 close friends.

As I walked around camp this morning it was evident that the guys have gained some skills in their activities.  Instead of learning mountain biking skills on the athletic field, the boys were off on a trail.  Two groups of paddlers were on river canoeing trips away from camp and a group of hikers headed out on an overnight.  The “Muggles” headed to Sliding Rock Recreation Area (no skill needed on that trip) and then to Dolly’s Ice Cream.  Even with all of that going on there was plenty happening at camp as well.

I noticed a bunch of tie-dye shirts today that I had not seen before.  The boys that had made them in crafts were wearing them proudly (be sure to wash them separately the first few times once they get home).  One of my last stops before mealtime was at the gym to play a bit of four-square.  There is always a game of four-square going on at free time or during choice period.  Today the four-square line was a bit longer than usual since Jeff G. had organized a friendly tournament.  No counselors were allowed in that game, so I joined in with a group that was playing on court two.

Zoob Gentle

Crystal Clusiau

If the blog postings make it seem like camp is a logistical jigsaw puzzle . . . you’re correct.  We’re very lucky to have two ladies that are extremely skilled with coordinating schedules, trips, vans, and staffing for our program.  Our summer Program Director Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle and her assistant Program Director Crystal Clusiau keep things running smoothly.  Our thanks go out to Zoob & Crystal for their wonderful and talented leadership!

Wednesday is probably the last day to send a letter or postcard from home and have it arrive before parent’s day this Saturday.  On parent’s day each camper will be able to demonstrate the activities of his choice, so plan to stay until noon and join us for lunch. If you were not planning to stay for lunch originally, don’t worry- we always plan for extra.

Take care,

Hank Birdsong
Camp Director

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