Flight of the Vampire…Race!?

This past weekend, several of our High Rocks staff members participated in the annual Flight of the Vampire 5K race in Brevard.  The race is part of the many festivities during the Halloween weekend.  I mean with a place called Transylvania County, how can you not have a large time at Halloween.  Now a 5k race is not really a big deal, but the cool thing about this race is that many people dress up in costume while they run!

Woody Noland, Ben Little and John Carpenter chose what seemed to be a less-than-perfect costume for the race, but definitely one that turned a lot of heads!

Woody, Ben, and John

It was certainly a lot of fun.  Woody also described the sensation of feeling like you wrapped in plastic food wrap.  I sweat layer of sweat all inside the suit…nasty!  Can you imagine trying to run ins those suits???

Congratulations to all the High Rockers and Keystone Camp staff that came out for the event.  Life at camp is always fun!

The High Rocks and Keystone Crowd ready to race!

We will keep you posted about the upcoming “Reindeer Run” in December!  I can’t wait to see what the the outfits might look like!


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