The First Day of Spring!!

Although winter never really set in this year and we have been in shorts for several weeks… today heralds the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring for the northern hemisphere. Equinox translates into “equal night” and signifies the position of the sun directly above the equator, meaning that day and night are of roughly equal length around the globe. For everyone north of the equator, days will now become longer than nights once more. For us camp people, this means those early morning wake ups to see the sunrise on a hiking trip in Pisgah, or playing your heart out late into the evening to a game of Capture the Flag or McCallie Ball. It means the beginning of the long, long summer days filled with splashes from the waterslide, the bang of paddles on a canoe, and rousing renditions of Mountain Dew. Only 81 days till the kick off the 2012 summer!!

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