UNC and OU at Camp High Rocks

Both Alum super excited about the OU and UNC matchup!

We were all pretty excited about last nights’ NCAA basketball game with University of North Carolina vs. Ohio University.  I was pretty psyched most of the week, thinking there may be an outside chance the OU could pull this off.  Many of you may not know, but I went to Ohio and Hank is an alum of UNC.  Rarely do these to schools EVER play each other in any sport, let alone basketball.  This was a great opportunity for some inter-office excitement!

Zoob and I had several camp folks over for the game, including Hank and Townsend.  The game started out as expected, but toward the end I was super excited as Ohio pulled ahead!  What a crazy game!  Hank continued to jab throughout most of the game as I danced and screamed.  In the end they did their best and UNC came out ahead. 

Hank wanted to be sure that everyone also saw this picture as well…

Reality sets in... Don is shamed...

Camp is almost here!  I can’t wait!


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