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An Awesome Three Weeks!

Pictures from June 28, 2012 (password required) It sure has been a wonderful three weeks.  Here are a few more pictures that I promised.  Safe travels!  We will see you in the morning!   Don

Cabin Night

Pictures from June 27, 2012 (password required) Today was the last full day of activities.  The weather was perfect!  Plenty of breeze for the sailboats, lots of sunshine, and just warm enough to swim; barely a cloud in the sky! It … »

Achieving Goals

Pictures from June 26, 2012 (password required) This morning we woke up to temperatures hovering around 60 and a wind cool enough for a blanket to feel great. Cinnamon toast and bright sun added just the touch to get this … »

Making Each Day Count

Pictures from June 25, 2012 (password required) Our last Monday of the Three Week session had a little something special tossed into the normal hectic day. Sure, the weather was gorgeous and sunny with a light breeze keeping everything just … »

The Muddy Camper Training School!

Pictures from June 24, 2012 (password required) This could possibly been the best Sunday ever!!! A wonderful morning sunrise, lead us right into breakfast.  We continued the morning down by the lake with a morning service lead by me (Don).  … »

Just a Little Bit of Crazzziness

Pictures from June 23, 2012 (password required) What a day we had in camp! Saturday starts off with pancakes, of course.  I feel obligated to report that the boys ate exactly 33% more pancakes this week!  Increased activity equals increased … »

The Ideal Place

Pictures from June 22, 2012 (password required) As we reach the end of our second week at High Rocks, the session feels as settled as it’s going to. It’s probably my favorite time of the session: The adjustment period is … »

Rounding the Turn

Pictures from June 21, 2012 (password required) It has definitely warmed up at camp this week and the number of campers seeking water related activities has taken off significantly.  Today was yet another busy day of campers honing their skills … »

Full Throttle!

Pictures from June 20, 2012 (password required) Today camp was in high gear!  The first day of summer (although the true Summer Solstice began around 7pm) has brought with it an awesome warm day.  Finally, some good swimming weather!  We … »

The Midway Point

Pictures from June 19, 2012 (password required) The day is now winding down at camp, which means that we have reached the halfway mark of the session! It’s amazing how fast time goes by here, and it’s also amazing just how … »