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Pictures from July 31, 2012 (password required) Hello from Camp High Rocks! Today is our first full day in activities, and camp is in full swing. Even a morning rain didn’t slow things down!  The rain stopped before afternoon activities, … »

Let the Fun Begin!

Pictures from July 30, 2012 (password required) Opening Day!!! We had a brief (& much needed) afternoon shower that didn’t slow us down a bit, which cleared off to a delightful afternoon. There has been plenty of excitement, smiles and … »

Finishing Strong!

Pictures from July 26, 2012 (password required) It was another very active and very busy day at High Rocks!  We had several trips head out of camp today the paddlers went over to the French Broad River section 8 for … »

Figuring It Out On Their Own

Pictures from July 25, 2012 (password required) As we approach the end of our July Session, it sure is fun to look at all we have done over the past several weeks.   For some of the guys it’s just been … »

The Fruits of Labor

Pictures from July 24, 2012 (password required) The last week of camp always has a noticeable atmosphere of calm confidence, though we start off with the same wakeup, cleanup, excellent breakfast, assembly, and morning activities.  Campers know exactly where to … »

The First and Final Week!!

Pictures from July 23, 2012 (password required) The fourth week got off to an amazing start this morning with a beautiful clear, dry day to get everything cranking in and out of camp. Canoers took two different trips to the … »

Krispy Kreme Sunday!

Pictures from July 22, 2012 (password required) I mean how can you go when it starts with that title?  Just as the title admits, we started the day with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  What a delight; it could have ended there and been a … »

Another Awesome Week at Camp

Pictures from July 21, 2012 (password required) What an amazing Saturday…and it didn’t rain!  I hate to complain about the rain so much when there are so many places that need it so badly.  I sure wish we could share … »

Giving Camp a Chance

Pictures from July 20 2012 (password required) I sure enjoyed seeing all the starters move around in their activities today.  I found myself down at the barn this morning taking some pictures of the advanced four week riders.  These guys have … »

Opportunity is the Name of the Game!

Pictures from July 19 2012 (password required) The morning started with an early breakfast for the paddlers before they headed to the Nantahala River.  This was the second trip of the week to the Nantahala and the boys on today’s … »