Freedom Day at High Rocks

Pictures from July 4, 2012 (password required)

The Freedom to have an AWESOME TIME!!!  I love Independence Day at camp!  What a great way to spend a summer day!  I woke everyone up this morning a little differently, and what is now becoming a bit of a tradition.  You see for the last few years I have been setting up the sound system outside the dining hall and using Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to get the boys excited about the day as they fall out of bed from being startled from the loud music.  I bet you can hear it for miles!  The music continues through wake-up and breakfast including all sorts of great independence themed music.

We finished up our “freedom” breakfast, and headed right into assembly for a little Free Bird, and other catchy tunes.  The morning activities continued with all sorts of excitement.  We wrapped up our “freedom” morning with a little “biggest splash” contest down at swimming. Lunch rolled right into rest hour with a perfectly timed thunder shower.  The sun came right back out in time for afternoon activities, and then some special July 4th games on the activity field!  Tonight we will have a regular schedule, and then the guys will come back down to the waterfront for an awesome fireworks show…My favorite part!

Of course freedom and independence happens everyday here at High Rocks.  Summer camp offers such a great opportunity for the boys to free themselves from their day to day routine and create a schedule that interests only them.  The boys then learn to live without parents, electronics, and even the daily “clicks”  I really enjoy seeing these guys come back year after year; watching them tackle difficult task, have fun, re-connect with their friends they only see for a few short weeks during the summer.  Of course, I enjoy reconnecting with the guys too.

Tomorrow we head right back at it with many of the older guys heading out for the first trips of the session! This is going to be such a great session. Wait, it already is a great session. It’s just going to keep getting better!

I’ll be back in touch tomorrow for some more details about tomorrow’s trips and other fun camp events!  Have a great night and enjoy the pictures!


Don Gentle
Associate Director

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