Independence and Summer Camp

Pictures from July 5, 2012 (password required)

After an exciting Fourth of July everyone was moving a little bit slower this morning to breakfast.  I visited several tables that were talking about their favorite firework from last night.  It was a great day of celebrating independence.  Yesterday I came across an article with a little different twist on independence written by psychologist, school consultant, and summer camp advocate Michael Thompson, Ph.D. The article talks about how we as parents cannot give our children self esteem but have to allow opportunities for them to build their own.  Summer camp is a great opportunity for campers to experience so many new things, including opportunities to build self-esteem through personal successes. I have included a link if you would like to check out this article.  Independence and Summer Camp

In addition to building the self esteem and independence of all our campers this Fifth day of July we enjoyed many fun trips out of camp and full throttle activities in camp.  The first caving trip of the four week session headed out this morning for Worley’s Cave in Tennessee.  They boys had a chance to crawl through the mud in coverall’s with names like Elvis and Sheri stitched on them, which is always a hit.

The paddler’s headed to the Tuckeseegee for a nice sunny day on the river.  It was a great day and the boys came back tired after paddling open canoes for the trip.  The climbers headed to the Nose Area of Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah.  They were able to get in several climbs before the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in late in the day.  It was a great day by climbing standards!  The all day hike spent their day hiking in Pisgah and hiked to the top of John’s Rock.  It was a beautiful view at the top.

Tennis and Soccer had boys that traveled over to Camp Illahee for a afternoon of sporting with a local girls camp.  The trip filled instantly if you can imagine boys wanting to visit a camp full of girls for the afternoon.  They played mixed doubles in tennis and co-ed teams in soccer.  It was a great outing for the boys.

Well I think we have packed in about all we can today.  Check back in tomorrow for more updates!

Enjoy the pictures!

Zoob Gentle

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