Oh The Places THEY’LL Go…

Pictures from July 8, 2012 (password required)

Zoob opened the morning service up with one of Dr. Seuss’s famous text Oh the Places You’ll Go   it is all of becoming who you are and who you want to be.  Most importantly, it will be hard, and minds might change; we might even stumble.  But they will pick themselves up and head right on to new places.

Summer camp is all about new places.  I was thinking about our Mini campers this morning when Zoob was sharing this story.  Sure they knew a little about High Rocks.  But they probably did not (or still do not) realize that THIS is one of those places they will go!  They will try new things.  They will stumble…and even be in a slump.  What an awesome place to learn all those things; things about life’s balancing act, in a place where you are encouraged to try hard and be your best, but most of all to have fun and be yourself. Or at least learn to be yourself . Summer camp rocks!

Speaking of going places…  This next week is packed with opportunities and excitement.  We have over thirty trips going out of camp this week!  Many of the boys will be moving forward in their progressions, heading out to new rivers, overnight backpacking trips, new rock climbs, and even trail ride or two.  We will definitely go places this week!

Did I tell you what an awesome day we had?  As if Krispy Kreme doughnuts at breakfast we any clue as to how the day was going to go.  It just kept getting better!  Even the afternoon thunderstorm was perfectly timed and ended at the end of rest hour.  This was highly important since we had arranged to host the girls from Camp Illahee all afternoon with some fun games and a cookout.  Yep, the boys were excited and the girls seemed to like it as well. 

Yep, these boys will go places and will they succeed? Yes! They will, indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent…guaranteed!

Have a great night!


Don Gentle

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