Wonderfully Wet!

Pictures from July 11, 2012 (password required)

We had a beautifully wet day in the mid seventies all day.  The sun and rain traded places a few times, but generally the clouds ruled the day.  It was a welcomed changed from the heat of the last week. 

The other crazy thing today that most of the boys did not even realize (until lunch) is that our power went out for about seven hours.  The gas range and oven made a great back-up for lunch as well as a wonderful opportunity to eat outside.  The Ingles Market saved us for dinner.  It’s not every day you call in an order for 350 pieces of fried chicken…four hours before you need it!  They didn’t even flinch and the chicken was awesome!  The power came back on at 5:00.  Just in time for some rolls, salad prep, and being able to finish all the sides with the lights on.  Thanks again, Ingles!  Most all of the activities ran as usual.  It’s not what happens in a day, it’s how you respond…

Speaking of activities, we had a super day for trips and fun! There was a two-day backpack trip to Turkey Pen, in Pisgah heading out this morning.  This afternoon, the three-day backpack trip returned from the clouds today. As the boys explained, they spent three days in the clouds.  I suppose that’s what happens at 4500 feet in Pisgah.  The boys were pretty wet most of the time and loved it!  It was fun talking with the guys about how much fun they had.

We also had mountain biking in DuPont.  There were three paddling trips out today.  All of them half-day trips on the French Broad.  Caving took another crew out to Worley’s Cave.  We were even able to pull off a climbing trip in all this rain!

I can’t believe the Mini I guys will be heading out in just a couple more days.  Those guys are really packing it in these last few days.  They have a couple more days for trips and then chill night on Friday for their big finale’.

We sure are having a blast!  Enjoy the awesome “wet” pictures from yesterday and today.

Take care,

Don Gentle

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