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Two Weeks Has Flown By!

Pictures from August 10, 2012 (password required) We normally do not post pictures on the last day of camp, but we had a few leftover pictures that hadn’t been published yet.   Saturday Schedule   Arrive around 9:30, but Please … »

Camper-Counselor T-shirt Swap Day

Pictures from August 9, 2012 (password required) – We can’t make this guarantee often, but today I can guarantee that each camper is pictured. Yesterday was “Wacky Hair Day”, today is “Camper-Counselor T-shirt Swap Day”.  The campers choose a counselor to swap … »

Wacky Hair Day!

Pictures from August 8, 2012 (password required) We work on skills in our activities and social interaction in our cabin groups, but for most of our campers camp is all about fun!  We had a few “hair stylists” outside the … »

Shifting Into High Gear!

Pictures from August 7, 2012 (password required) As we reach the halfway point of our final week of camp, the activities are shifting into a higher gear. Tomorrow is our biggest day of trips this session, with 6 trips out of camp … »

Rivers, Trails and Rocks to Explore!

Pictures from August 6, 2012 (password required) Today the campers were off and running with their activities.  In addition to the regular activities we had trips out in Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and Hiking.  The Mountain Bikers went to … »

Carnival Day

Pictures from August 5, 2012 (password required) – Today’s pictures are from Saturday and Sunday. I was thinking today about the changes camp has gone through over the years & decided to look at the early “blogs”.  The first summer … »

Car Camping, Pirates, & Harleys!

Pictures from August 4, 2012 (password required) – Today’s pictures are from Friday and Saturday. Note from Hank– I’m passing on the blogging duties to a few other folks in the upcoming days.  Today’s blog is from Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle, … »

Youthful Independence

Pictures from August 3, 2012 (password required) – Today’s pictures were snapped yesterday & today. We all want to think we are raising independent children, but at the same time we want them to make good decisions.  One of the … »

Heading Out!

Pictures from August 2, 2012 (password required) In addition to “Chill Night” trips to Sliding Rock and Dolly’s Ice Cream, most of the activities have the basics behind them and some beginner trips have started.  Today several of our Rock Climbers got … »

Challenge by Choice

Pictures from August 1, 2012 (password required) Greetings from Camp High Rocks! The second full day of activities has been awesome!  A few guys are still heading uphill to go to sailing or need directions to find their cabin to … »