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Happy Holidays

We hope everyone is enjoying their December!  We are most thankful for all of our High Rocks family members. Those who will be joining us for the very first time in 2013, to those who joined us back in 1958.  So many … »

Have you seen my climbing rope?

I’m not sure this is the first place I would look for the climbing rope if I couldn’t remember where I put it.   This was just off shore around the ropes swing.  In reality it was probably a retired … »

Takes a Lickin’…

So we have found a few watches…  The cool thing about several of them is that they were still working! This was found along with one other watch at the base of the water slide.

Lose some glasses?

Here are some cool pictures of different glasses we found as they were left in the mud on the bottom of the lake.  Drop us a line if you think it’s yours.  There are still plenty of cool things to … »


So can you guess what this is?  You have to think back to the late eighties and early nineties.  It was an activity with a short life span here at camp. Click here for a big clue… So, apparently it … »

Ancient Ruins from Year’s Past

What is this? So one of the coolest things we found at the bottom of the lake was this wall that was built in the stream-flow.  Our guess is that it was probably built in 1979 to create a “release” … »

Where did the lake go?

The next few days will host a few cool pictures of the lunar, err lake landscape.  We have lowered the lake to almost empty to do some repairs/removal of the old tap at the bottom.  It’s not a lot of … »