Where did the lake go?

The next few days will host a few cool pictures of the lunar, err lake landscape.  We have lowered the lake to almost empty to do some repairs/removal of the old tap at the bottom.  It’s not a lot of work once they get started, but the lowering of the lake seems to be the biggest part.  Not to worry, the lake work will be completed in the next couple weeks and we will get it filling back up again.  For you fisherman, there is still about an acre of lake holding the fish. It won’t be perfect, but most of the fish seem to be doing alright.

So, we haven’t seen this part of the lake since we had to do emergency repairs back in 1979.  During that year, the lake was like this for most of the summer.  Check out the lake in 1979.  1979 was the inaugural year of the famed whitewater regatta. They used the stream that went through the lake to create the whitewater course.

We will be posting some fun “lost and found” pictures as well as other cool findings from the bottom of the lake. Check back often.


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  1. April 20, 2013 by Rob

    Funny. I always thought it’d be far deeper…