Spring is in the Mountains!

Although the nighttime temps up here in Cedar Mountain can still plummet to freezing, spring has officially and unofficially arrived at camp! Daffodils have bloomed, flowers are starting to bud on our trees, and frogs are firing up their annual chorus around the lake. With the grass growing, our horses are starting to get frisky as well and are constantly jostling for the juiciest patches around the barn.

Projects are still ongoing around camp in preparation for the summer. Campfire Hill now has a protected wood rack so our Sunday campfires will be fed with plenty of dry wood despite all of our cooling summer showers. The kayaks will also have a new home with a separate rack between sailing and canoeing, designed to let the kayaks stand on end and be easily accessible. This will also allow all of our closed boaters access to the lake bank without scraping on the concrete seawall, good news for boaters and boats alike!

New jumps are being painted with some colors never before seen at the High Rocks barn. Blaire, our barn manager, is excited to get her riders back for the season and is already laying out the 2013 cross-country course after last year’s successful debut. She has a few other events planned for this summer that will be a great surprise for all of our equestrians and has sworn us to secrecy for the next couple of months. We also have some new horses rolling in over the next month to get used to their new home and have time to get schooled for our program. Jack and Gibbs, our trusty barn cats, try to act too-cool-for-school but they are really looking forward to campers trooping down the road and offering up fresh clippings of catnip.

While summer still seems a ways off, it is fast approaching! Please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call with any questions you may have in the lead up to camp. We look forward to hearing from you and are getting excited to see everyone enjoying camp once again.



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