The Big “D”

Camp is almost here!! It is always amazing how fast spring whips by, but in just over a month… Campers arrive! There is a level of excitement here at High Rocks to have that life come flooding back onto the property. One “sign” that the camp season is fast approaching just occurred in town, to the joy of all                                         the year-rounders….

Woody @ Dolly's

dark Dolly's

That’s right, Dolly’s Dairy Bar is open once more and all is right with the world!! For the campers and staff of 2013, get your game face on. There are many new flavors to be worked through, although the High Rocks Arctic Slide remains unchanged and perfect!

It was tough work, but I selflessly volunteered to be the first High Rocker onsite to make sure all is ready for our summer hordes. I look forward to taking the first camp group down.. and the second…..then maybe the third.


  1. April 26, 2013 by Clay

    Way to step up, Woody. I wish I had thought of, and volunteered for, that job back in the day.

  2. April 26, 2013 by Don

    Gotta love the Dolly’s! I still think the High Rocks Arctic Slide is pretty stinkin’ good!