Alex Brown

Alex joins us for his first summer on staff from Pfeiffer University where he is a history major and heading into his senior year. Alex is a native of Albemarle, NC and enjoys a very active lifestyle to balance out his college schedule. He is a member of the Disc Sports Club, a runner, and participated in the Marine Corps Officer preparation program known as Platoon Leaders Course. Alex is also a tutor at Pfeiffer’s writing lab and holds a job at a nearby golf course. We are excited to have him at High Rocks as a member of our hiking staff and a cabin counselor.

Years on Staff: 1
College Attending or Residence: Pfeiffer University
Activities to Teach: Hiking
Random Fun Fact: I dig drinking the juice out of pickle jars after the pickles are gone!
Favorite Hobbies: Running and Backpacking

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