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A Fine Time Had by All

Thursday Pictures I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! What an incredible three weeks we have had! I am really impressed with this group of young men. They have created such a great community. We mentioned it to the … »

One More Day!

Wednesday Pictures Friday is the last day of camp!   Several campers have received messages from home saying “we’ll see you on Saturday”.  This is important- Friday is Parent’s Day & the last day of camp! Now on with the blog … »

A Day of Firsts

Pictures from June 25 Please note: ** Closing Day is this Friday! ** In the many years that I have been at High Rocks, I have never seen a session go as smoothly nor one with as much sheer fun … »

Oh, the Places They Will Go

Pictures from June 24 The final week of the session got off to a rocking start this morning with activities in a flurry and trips departing camp left and right, bound for points all over Western NC. Campers that have … »

Battle of the Bands

Pictures from June 23 What an awesome Sunday at High Rocks!  The weather was great all day even though it looked like it might rain.  We did have a little thunder for about twenty minutes, that kept the lake empty, … »

Super Saturday

Pictures from June 22 One of my favorite things about the weekend at High Rocks, is that everyone is in camp. The weekdays lend itself to a ton of trips in all directions, but that also means I am not … »

Our Summer Community

Pictures from June 21 Summer camp is a great place for kids to try new things and face their fears.  At camp, children often have the opportunity to experience something that they don’t normally do at home, whether it’s sharing … »

Lovin’ Life

Pictures from June 20 It was another great day to be in the mountains.  With a high in the 70’s we are truly loving life!  I must admit to being rather spoiled by summer in the mountains compared to growing up … »

The Weather is Great!

Pictures from June 19 No matter what the weather brings, somebody at High Rocks is happy!  If it is dry the climbers and horseback riders are happy.  If it is wet the paddlers are happy & the cavers don’t care … »


Link to Today’s Pictures Today’s wake-up bell rang as usual at 7:45, but there were already several tables full of guys excitedly working through their French toast sticks, bacon AND sausage (We sang both “Four Wet Pigs” and “Dunderbeck” at … »