A Case of the Mondays… Camp Style

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Our second week got off to an active start indeed with a Caving trip chowing down an early breakfast before heading out on an all-day mud-a-thon. Their trip was replete with slippery slides, tight squeezes, an underground river, and a few cave creatures to top it off. As always, the crew returned worn out, but excited about what they had accomplished as a group. As most of the cavers today live in Connestee, their day was only really half completed because tonight they also headed out on their cabin overnight to Still Oaks shelter. Having just laid eyes on the group, the exhausting day somehow has been pushed aside and some serious firewood collecting is underway in anticipation of S’mores and games of Mafia around the fire.

Two groups of climbers also took a trip to the far side of our property and enjoyed bouldering on the Cathedral Rocks, a large cluster of rock outcroppings perfectly situated for a group to explore many different routes, boulder problems, and levels of difficulty. The day was partly overcast which made for some delightful climbing as the weather stayed a bit cooler and the guys could really push themselves… before returning to crush a meal of chicken sandwiches, BBQ, and even spinach salad!

The paddlers also got an early jump on the day with a trip to the Green River in tandem open canoes. The descriptions of the trip made it sound like a serious learning day for the young paddlers who began the river a little shaky, but by the end were confidently leaning their boats on edge and power ferrying at will. The art of balancing a canoe on its side, with a partner, in turbulent water is very challenging and the success of the partners built some serious confidence. According to the counselors on the trip, this confidence expressed itself with enthusiastic and well-intentioned singing all the way home. The staff also suggested the need for a bit of practice with some of the high notes… but everything is a progression here at camp.

Our mountain bikers also snuck in a solid morning ride in Dupont State Forest before a quick thundershower cooled everyone down and provided some much enjoyed rest in the early afternoon. Tonight, the seniors in Pinnacle, Halfway, and Lookout grabbed a quick dinner before heading out on the first Chill Night of the summer. Their age group headed to Sliding Rock where the water temperature hovers in the upper 50’s and are presently attempting as many slides down the rock face as possible. Once they become thoroughly frozen, the boys head back out to the entrance of Pisgah National Forest and descend upon Dolly’s Dairy Bar to complete the chilling process from the inside out.  A good night had by all with the younger age groups excited for their chance coming soon!

Please enjoy all of the pictures tonight showing the action here at High Rocks in addition to the ventures out.  As promised, there are a number of images from yesterday’s “all boy” events.  When you look at the pictures, I think you will know what I mean.  It should also help explain what a sloppy slurch is all about!  Completely delightful!

It was a wonderful day with tons of excited guys fully into camp life and taking advantage of their many opportunities. There were even the first summer peaches for snack today! Much excitement over that as well… mine included.


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