Battle of the Bands

Pictures from June 23

What an awesome Sunday at High Rocks!  The weather was great all day even though it looked like it might rain.  We did have a little thunder for about twenty minutes, that kept the lake empty, but then they were all right back into it after the “all clear” was given.

I had the distinct honor of presenting today for our morning service down by the lake. Sometimes I think about my job at camp.  It allows me to do so many cool things!  Through the years I have learned a good many skills. Of course, I get to learn a ton of cool activities. I can easily cook for more than a hundred people.  I have learned to operate cool machines like the sweet John Deere tractor.  I have mastered the skill of the plunger.  And this morning, I get to enjoy my hand once again at public speaking. 

I took the opportunity this morning to talk with the boys about setbacks.  Some might call them failures, trials, or even challenges.  While the focus of camp is not about setbacks and let downs, the boys still have to practice and attempt to reach their goals many times though out a session.  It’s no secret that we all hate to make mistakes.  We’re human, after all. Camp is such a great place to TRY things AND not succeed. We have such a supportive community, which really centers the success by being challenged with a new task. And we don’t have to worry about being graded!  I think that’s what makes it worth it.  These boys learn what it means to be challenged.  Best of all they enjoy the challenge and the trials to succeed at something.  I love it when they want to try to do something harder, just for the challenge.

As with many thing here at camp, I tried get the boys to understand how they can use these ideas and skills to succeed anywhere! I encouraged them to challenge themselves this coming week.  Whatever they do, try your hardest and see if you can figure out the answer. Overall, I feel like they enjoyed the discussion.

On to the fun of camp! This afternoon’s all-camp event was themed “Battle of the Bands;” a camp challenge with awesome events.  I feel like the name of the events will tell the story best.  Some of the activities included the groupie dash, climb the charts, cruise ship tryouts, rocks star pose, and of course air band.  There are a bunch of pictures for you to witness the awesome fun everyone had!  Everyone put their all into it, and was pretty worn out by the time the Sunday cookout came around.  They destroyed most all of the hamburgers and hot dogs!

We wrapped up the day with a story and campfire. What a great end to an awesome week.  We only have four full days of camp left! That’s crazy!  I am looking forward to a wonderful week.

Have a great night! Enjoy these awesome pictures! As promised, there are several from last night’s dance with the fine ladies of Keystone Camp.


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