Here We Go!

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This job is so much fun! I truly enjoyed hearing Hank from my deck when he screamed “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS” after taking the honors of the first wake-up bell of the season! The boys were quickly out of bed and getting ready for the day. Alright,  you got me, the guys up on the senior hill were a little slower to move, but those boys over in Lakeside and Connestee were at it in a flash. I feel like heard their feet hit the floor as soon as the first clap of the bell rang. The excitement grew quick as the first full day of camp was about to begin!

What an awesome group of young men we have here! Even though it has only been a few hours, I have really enjoyed catching up with the guys from last year. These guys have also helped the newest campers jump right in and feel at home. It was awesome this morning at assembly to see the guys jump into the songs and craziness.  That is what morning assembly is all about.

Every once in a while a little rain will fall. While we did have a little rain this morning, it hardly kept us from doing what we wanted to do. All the activities were in full swing today! The afternoon brought us full sun and a wonderful breeze. Many of the campers took advantage of the waterfront for choice period. The swim docks and the Rock-It were in full swing!

Tomorrow we will have another full day of excitement. We will also have some of our first cabin overnights head out in the evening. What a great day to be at High Rocks!Enjoy the pictures! Be sure to let me know if you are having problems getting to the slideshow. If you have not figured it out yet, you can click on any picture and it will open it in a new window for you to download and send to grandma!

Don Gentle

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