Let The Overnights Begin!

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What an awesome day!  The sun was shining bright all day today!  Along with morning mist on the lake, it was a picture perfect scene of the deck of the house before wake-up.  There was a nice breeze all morning and then the temperature started to climb.  I believe we hit the 80’s today, with more sun and fun to come the rest of the week!

We have such an awesome staff!  I have really enjoyed watching them bond with the campers these last few days.  It is such a great community.  Everyone helps each other.  All the time…  Today, I saw riding staff helping in the kitchen, several head staff jumped in to help Outpost I with dining hall clean-up, and the attention and time they give these campers is amazing!  They have really impressed me.

Today was a great day in activities!  Everyone had a blast while they were learning new skills and progressing on to bigger and better things.  Many of the guys will start heading on trips out of camp.  Canoeing and Rock Climbing will begin their daily rituals of heading out to the wonderful rivers and rocks in the area.  We will try ot get you some pictures of these great adventures as they happen.

Speaking of adventures, our first cabin overnights ventured out into the 1100 acres of woodland we have here.  After a short hike, they will spend a night eating pita pizzas and s’mores while enjoying each other’s company in one of our five open-air shelters.  They will return from their travels just before breakfast to clean-up a bit and get ready for the day ahead.

Another great day at camp!  Have a great night and enjoy the pictures!

Don Gentle


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  2. June 11, 2013 by Barb

    When can the parents go to camp? Looks like sooooo much fun! Even the overnights…