Lovin’ Life

Pictures from June 20

It was another great day to be in the mountains.  With a high in the 70’s we are truly loving life!  I must admit to being rather spoiled by summer in the mountains compared to growing up in Columbia, SC one of the hottest places around.  Many of the campers started their morning with a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt.  They layers were quickly shed by the beginning of the first activity hour.

It was a busy day in camp with activities cranking at full tilt near the end of the second week of camp.  Hiking today learned about making fire with a bow drill technique.  I have found over the years that anything that involves, fire, projectiles or food makes a big impression on the boys.  Today did not disappoint.  The boys enjoyed learning the new technique even if it did prove to be quite difficult.  It was a great day for sailing with just enough wind to enjoy a peaceful day on the lake while making progress.  The stand-up paddle boards were out in force again today.  The campers are loving this new addition to the sailing program.  Barley, our Golden Retriever, loves them too and often bums rides from the paddle boarders.

The fish were biting again today and the campers continue to enjoy all of the open shore line to fish on this summer.  We have far less tangles and many more bites.  Horseback riding hosted another “Cowboy Dinner Ride” this evening.  They made chicken and dumplings over an open fire for dinner after a great trail ride.  Needless to say this has been a huge hit for the campers. More will get a chance next week to share in the fun!

In addition to all the cool in camp activities today we had quite a few out of camp as well.  I got to drop off a two day hike in neighboring Dupont State Forest.  The group will hike through the forest back to High Rocks property and spend the night in tents and then hike the rest of the way back to main camp tomorrow.  We are so fortunate to have such an amazing resource right next door!

We had a two day climbing trip that headed out today.  They were going to start their day with some bouldering, climbing without ropes on low rocks, and then going to make it up a multi-pitch climb at the nose of Looking Glass Rock.  In addition to the two day climb we also had a day climbing trip that headed out today.  Climbing has been extremely popular this session.  The paddler’s headed over the Tuckaseegee River today and had a blast catching lots of eddies and playing along the way.

Tonight the Junior and Middler age groups headed out for their “Chill Night” this evening where they will enjoy sliding rock and Dolly’s for ice cream.  The boys were just a little excited when they loaded the vans this evening!

It has been such a great session so far that we might not give your boys back to you next week.   They are a fine bunch and we are pretty attached to them!

I hope you enjoy some more of Ham’s great shots this evening!



  1. June 21, 2013 by Katy

    Yes, I know Charlie would love nothing more than a whole summer at High Rocks! He’s going to miss everyone (and the dogs and horses!)so much…

  2. June 21, 2013 by Amma

    Mine would be happy to stay the entire summer if you don’t want to give him up! :))