Super Saturday

Pictures from June 22

One of my favorite things about the weekend at High Rocks, is that everyone is in camp. The weekdays lend itself to a ton of trips in all directions, but that also means I am not able to see many of the campers during the day. This Saturday started with a delightful sunrise and PANCAKES! Hank and Dan cook pancakes EVERY Saturday. You know, for the twenty years that I have been here, I feel like Hank may have only missed about five Saturdays at the griddle. The tradition started back when Townsend’s dad, Sumner would make pancakes every Saturday. Hank has held strong to the tradition and has only let a few select individuals take his place. Pretty cool!

I cannot believe how awesome the weather has been this last week! I call it exercise weather because it’s so cool and delightful. I the type of weather when you want to go for a hearty run, or maybe a long bike ride; something you wouldn’t want to do when it is ninety degrees outside. It’s been that way for about five days straight. I hope it continues.

We sure do have an incredible group of young men here this session. I cannot believe it will be over in less than a week. The three week session goes so fast. We put so much into the session, that it seems like it has just started when it is almost ending. Anyhow, I was mentioning how much I have enjoyed watching your sons enjoy camp. Even though mealtime is a little busy, I try to make a point to sit with the campers at meals when I can. Last night I was able to share dinner with a great group of guys. We talked about our favorite parts of camp, what we were looking forward to in the next few days, and even our crazy cabin mates (mine being my two crazy daughters). It really was a bunch of fun.

Sometime I feel like a rock star with the attention I get from these boys when I do sit with them. The meal ended with each of us reading our fortune cookies out loud to each other. Some of the guys would just tilt their head sideways as if to ponder and question what the fortune really meant. Other fortunes just made us laugh out loud. I was even questioned about what the “lotto” numbers on the back meant. Camp sure is random like that sometimes. I love it!

Skit night was the big evening activity last night. There are a few pictures from that event, although it is really tough to get any shots with all the running around and randomness of the event. The staff set the scene to Drew Carey’s “Who’s Line is It Anyway” the show where “everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.” A ton of fun!

Tonight’s pictures have several trips from Friday that I hope you will enjoy. The rest are from today’s exciting events around camp, including Mountain biking’s “Harley Day,” car camping at hiking, and finally canoeing’s “Waterworld” event where the boys scream “hail Costner” all day long in salute to the main actor of the movie’s namesake.

We host Keystone tonight for a square dance. There will be many of those photos featured tomorrow. I hope you all are having as much fun as we are here. Have a great night!

Don Gentle

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  1. June 23, 2013 by Talley

    Yea I love skit night!!!!! I can’t wait for the 4 week!