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Choosing Our Challenges

July 31st Pictures While we had a mostly cloudy day in camp, it sure was a lot of fun!  The adventure continues as some of the first cabin groups tackled new heights on the the High Ropes Course.  So rather … »


July 30th Pictures Today everyone headed off to their first day of activities.  While it would seem like nothing to us, today marks a big part of where camp begins to create independence.  While most of their discovery is fairly … »

A Whole New Adventure

July 29th Pictures I sure did enjoy seeing all of the excited parents and campers this morning!  The beautiful weather continued through the day as we got into lunch all the way through evening activity.  We are so excited to … »

Almost There

July 25th Pictures Another excellent day at camp! While we are winding down to just the last couple days, activity is rolling along full steam! We had an incredibly beautiful day with temperatures in the low seventies, sunshine, and all … »

What Rain?

July 24th Pictures We are very lucky to have former High Rocks camper Fritz Orr on our staff.  His writing style is almost as beautiful as the paddles he builds.  He shared this story with me: One rainy afternoon over … »

Another Delightful Day

July 23rd Pictures The setting full moon still lingered over the dam in a brightening sky when the wake-up bell rang this morning, and though the last week regrettably begins to wane, activities are still going full bore. First out … »

A River Trip to Remember!!

July 22nd Pictures Our last Monday of the 4 Week session already… It never ceases to amaze me how fast a month can go by when its spent at camp speed and this year has been no exception. There is … »

The Upper Senior Challenge

July 21st Pictures Our wonderful Sunday morning was quiet and reserved. The Krispy Kreme Fairy arrived overnight once again to leave us delightful doughnuts to complement our Sunday breakfast. From there, we headed down to the lake. Will Brechter lead … »

Pancakes and Pizza

July 20th Pictures That pretty much sums up the awesome day we had.  While we did have pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch, our Saturday was mostly filled with all sorts of wonderfully fun events in our activities.  There … »

The Impact of Camp

July 19th Pictures Greetings from High Rocks!  We have had a very busy and exciting week! The last of this week’s trips came back to camp this afternoon.   Our paddlers returned from a great day on Section II of the … »