Battle of the Bands

July 14th Pictures

We enjoyed a nice leisure Sunday morning.  The rain made sleep-in time that much better.  We had our usual morning service after breakfast, then wrapped up the morning with choice activities. While many of the boys took advantage of having a roof overhead, there were still a lot who braved the elements in canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, the gaga pit, and even the tennis courts.  I enjoyed watching the heated chess games going on in the dining hall.

The rain let up just in time for the afternoon, where things picked up quite a bit.  Cabin groups were organized into “bands.”  Each band went through a series of events including the groupie dash, climb the charts, paparazzi shoot, and of course air band performance.  The final task was for the guys to make their way through the “Outdoor Festival.”  Much like “Woodstock,” there was plenty of mud to get through and find your way to the stage.

It’s sort of like Archery and Riflery.  I always tell parents that boys and projectiles go hand in hand.  We have over 115 campers sign up for that activity. Well, mud and boys are pretty much in the same league.  Take a few adolescent boys and 100 yards of mud; the fun doesn’t come any easier!  I think you will agree that it makes for great pictures too!

We wrapped up the day with just enough time to pull off a cookout and campfire for the week.  What an awesome end to an incredible week!

There are some great pictures from last nights dance with Rockbrook Camp. Stay tuned next week, where the schedule picks up even more.  We have opening day for our Mini IIs on Monday along with over 30 trips heading out of camp for the week!  It just keeps getting better!

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