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July 31st Pictures

While we had a mostly cloudy day in camp, it sure was a lot of fun!  The adventure continues as some of the first cabin groups tackled new heights on the the High Ropes Course.  So rather than going to their normal morning activities, the guys in Halfway spent their time 45 feet up working through all sorts of cool obstacles.  The boys work on personal challenges, teamwork, and trust.  Pinnacle took to the course this afternoon, and though they had some raindrops, you will see by the pictures that it didn’t really make a difference whether it was raining or not.

Activities were busy all day as boys learned new skills, had fun, and started some new projects.  Riflery and archery has always amazed me!  It’s one of the most popular activities in camp.  I mean what’s not fun about hurling projectiles at targets?  It sure captures their attention.  The boys don’t even realize that it’s by far one of the best activities to teach focus, control, and consistency.  I’m not sure you would get any of those words out of them if you asked why they enjoy it so much. I suppose that is what makes it so awesome!  Another little gem of camp 🙂 .

Homesick… There, I said it… It’s not something to fear.  I know it makes you nervous, but I want to  pass on a little wisdom and some calm for some of the parents (not you, of course) that may be feeling  a little “campsick.” Years of observation and experience has taught us to have a very active program with little “down time.” Our past experience tells us that as campers are adjusting to their new surroundings they will be fine as long as they are active. For a few boys to experience some homesickness is normal. Homesickness is nothing to be alarmed about and usually passes quickly. It is usually limited to slower times of day, such as rest hour or immediately before bedtime.   The other reason why I am bringing this up is that mail from camp (if sent on opening day) is probably just arriving home. If you get a letter or postcard that sounds a bit down, you can bet it was written during a slow time, and probably in a fleeting moment on opening day. These letters usually reach their destination by Wednesday or Thursday of the first week (but could be even later). Ironically, campers have usually become immersed in the camp experience and forgotten about homesickness by the time their letters reach home. In reality, many of you may not get a letter for a while, which usually means they are having the time of their life!  If you do get some “hate mail,” just drop us a line.  We’re happy to help.  Be sure to write them back and send some encouragement and tell them how proud you are of them.  It works!  Did I mention how much fun we’re having?

Alright, on to more awesomeness!  Several of our guys headed out for the first round of Cabin Overnights!  A super-fun time out on the property eating pita pizzas, sitting around the campfire, enjoying s’mores, and camping out at one of our many open-air shelters.  I love seeing these guys come back in the morning.  Sometime it looks like they actually brought the campfire back with them on their shirt, arm, face…  There are always great stories and the amount of marshmallow and dirt on the face is a direct correlation to how much fun they had.  I’ll try to get some morning shots as they come in…

But wait there’ more… The fun continues right after dinner.  Check all the fun we had for evening activities:

  • “Questions that don’t need answering.” (Hillside & Connestee) are in the cabin field.  All I know is that I saw super soakers, exercise balls (yeah the big ones),  and a few trash cans.  There was a lot of screaming, running, and a whole heap of fun!
  • “Green” (Lakeside & Foxhollow) are hanging at the waterslide.
  • “Purple Rainbow Unicorns” (Flattop & Chalet) are playing Danish Rounders on the Activity Field.
  • “Bottom Feeders” (Windswept & Outpost) are enjoying “Chill Night” in Pisgah National Forest.  An evening on a chilly mountain stream that has an awesome slide appropriately called “sliding rock.”  The guys then head to Dolly’s for a try at one of 30 camp ice cream flavors.
  • “Red Robin” (Lookout & Holiday) are on Cabin Overnights.
  • “Channel 4 News Team” (Halfway & Pinnacle) are on Cabin Overnights.

That’s all I have for today.  Time to settle in for the night.  I know I’m late, but the shear mass of pictures should make up for it.  Enjoy!


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  1. July 31, 2013 by Dylan's mom :)

    Wonderful shots!!! I look forward to seeing the “after” photos of the overnight crew. Thanks so much for these and the informative and helpful blog updates as well. Hope all the happy campers are having a great night!
    Thanks again, Alicia