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Today’s Pictures

A bit before the wake-up bell this morning, a rain shower passed over camp, but it was long gone and out of mind when the bell actually, for the younger guys finally, rang. Since the early risers had already cleaned their cabins, we had enthusiastic lines of hungry guys at the Dining Hall almost immediately. That level of energy and excitement has not eased up all day!

The sun came out as we left assembly, “Sixteen Tons” and “MTA” still echoing across the lake, which in short order was alive with red, blue and yellow sails, our new fleet of paddle boards, canoes galore, and across on the new island fishing poles waving back and forth. The tennis courts swarmed with guys and an astounding number of bright yellow balls, the mountain bikers were on the activity field learning (or relearning) their techniques, the report of air rifles came from the range, belaying calls signaled climbers on the wall, hikers showed through the woods as they tried a new lake trail, every horse was busy with riders (and vice versa), in between activities guys threaded lanyards of every conceivable color (with some combinations barely so)  and, most gratifying of all to experienced ears, the sounds of boys having great fun came from every direction.

Not content with a day full of all this, the older guys set off immediately after the last activity period to have their cabin overnights in our four open-air shelters on camp property, with one cabin inaugurating a new tent campsite just off the new loop across the lake. They missed a wonderful dinner of baked chicken, spinach casserole, rice and gravy, salad, rolls with honey butter and peanut butter bars, but they are even now consoling themselves with s’mores around campfires after gorging on pepperoni and mozzarella pita pizzas.

As we settle in for our second night, surprisingly tired but itching for tomorrow, we look forward to a day just as active in camp, multiplied by trips leaving camp even before breakfast. You’ll hear more about them right here tomorrow night, but in the meantime look at today’s pictures.

Good night.


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