Liquid Sunshine!

Pictures from July 3rd, 2013

What happens when it is raining at camp??  LOTS!

We had a three-week session about ten years ago with wonderful weather- it rained every day of the session!  Sometimes it was just a rest hour rainstorm, but it rained every day of the session.  It may sound dreadful, but the campers at that rainy session said it was one one their favorite camp sessions ever, and definitely the most memorable.  Most of the activities have indoor options- an indoor climbing cave, crafts & pottery are inside, the barn has indoor activities, etc., but most activities can go on in the rain.  Some of the most creative and interesting activities we do at camp started as a “rain day” alternative activity.

Okay, you’ve probably guessed by now that it’s rainy today.  We’ve seen the sun at various times today, but the rain has always come back.  A few campers were laughing at me during a few minutes of sunshine when I shook my fist at the sky & proclaimed “curse you sunshine- how do you expect these campers to build character without adversity!  Bring the rain back!”  Lots of our activities forge ahead in the rain.  Canoeing, swimming and sailing don’t mind- they are wet anyway & the life jackets keep them semi-warm.  We even had trips out today that were whitewater paddling, hiking and caving.  The hiking trip was in Dupont State Forest, the setting for “Last of the Mohicans” and “Hunger Games” movies.  The campers and staff reported that High Falls was amazing, not at all like they had ever seen it before!

You’ll see some of the creativity of our staff in today’s pictures.  If you ever wondered about the skeletal system of a horse, wonder no more!  The pictures are cool, but watching the horses skeleton in motion was “awesome”!

Enjoy our rainy day pictures!

Hank Birdsong


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