July 11th Pictures

It was another fantastic day at High Rocks!  We woke up to a 80% chance of heavy rain and I am happy to report it did not rain a drop today- we finally beat the odds!

This morning our starter campers embarked on “Astronaut Training Camp” aka the ropes course.  Each of the campers started as a space ball and then earned the rank of Space Cadet as they completed elements on the high ropes course.  Yes our staff does have a healthy sense of humor.  The final test that throttled them to the level of Space Cowboy was the completion of the zip line.  Needless to say it was a mission full of fun and excitement. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last full day for our Starters.

The starter campers and the campers from Foxhollow then headed out this evening for their cabin overnights.  They will get to cook pita pizzas for dinner and then make s’mores over the fire for desert.  They will sleep in a shelter on the camp property.  It is a night for bonding and great stories.  The boys will hike back in tomorrow morning in time for breakfast and activities.

The two day “survival hike” returned to camp on a raft they constructed out of boards, cordage, and trash bags filled with air.  The guys had great stories to tell of their adventures cooking over the fire, building shelters to sleep under and many other survival skills they honed on the hike.  The hike was able to use trails right here on camp property for their adventure.

We had a group of paddlers head over to the Green River today.  The climbers got in some great climbs this morning at the Southside of Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah.  Quite a few of our mini-session campers enjoyed an afternoon of mountain biking in DuPont State Forest.  They rode some fun trails and got to try out some beginner mountain biking obstacles in the “kids park”.

The horseback riders enjoyed a day of ring work and trail rides.  This evening a group of guys were invited to the cowboy dinner ride complete with cooking over the open fire after putting their horses away for the evening.  The guys will enjoy chicken and dumplings cooked over the fire.  It is a nice way to end a busy day!

I hope that you will enjoy another fabulous round of pictures this evening.  We love that you can enjoy some of the fun!


It still hasn’t rained yet 🙂

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  1. July 11, 2013 by Miranda

    As parents of a Starter Camper, it is delightful and exciting to read about the day’s experiences and to see the photos of the campers. High Rocks seems like a very happy and enriching place.