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Pictures from July 7th, 2013

What a beautiful Sunday morning we had at High Rocks.  A nice sun rise, Krispy Kreme doughnuts (along with other healthy options like eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, and hashbrowns), and a peaceful morning down by the lake. We wrapped up the morning with some choice activities and no rain.

One of our staff members, Megan, did the lakeside presentation.  She presented  a twist on a modern rap song and how camp creates a great way to live without many of our modern comforts.  I really feel that one of the cool things about camp is learning to live with a whole lot less.  At least its a little less than what we are use to, and a lot less than we would like.  All of our possessions are packed into one trunk (mostly) and that is all we will have for an entire month.  We share a room with at least six other people. It’s not a very big room either.  I would guess that most of these boys (including their counselors) do not share a bedroom.  We all share one bathroom (not all 140 of us…just 7).  We even live without television and electronics for the vast majority of our time.

This simplicity allows us to focus on each other and what else is around us.  It requires us to communicate with one another and even share.  When we all learn to live with a little less we have to work out a way to share the limited resources.  Think about the last time you had to wait in line for a shower…  Our own simplicity at camp creates its own scenario and may arguably the community we have here.

I’m certain the boys miss some of those things they have left back home, but I am also certain that doing so has created an opportunity for growth, interdependence, and a way to live a little different, even if just for a while.

We had an awesome afternoon hosting the Illahee girls for some afternoon fun and a cookout.  Our High Rocks band played some music for the cookout, which made for a great time.  As if the day was not already awesome, Andrew lead us with a great story at campfire, then we finally got to shoot off our fireworks!  The boys just got in bed a little while ago.  I must say I’m pretty worn out.  Off to bed…  Did I mention it is not raining!

Enjoy all the great pictures!



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