Pancakes and Pizza

July 20th Pictures

That pretty much sums up the awesome day we had.  While we did have pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch, our Saturday was mostly filled with all sorts of wonderfully fun events in our activities.  There was cool splatter paint going on in crafts.  We had our “car camping” theme over at hiking.  It was complete with pie irons, lawn games, and even a “redneck hot tub” setup in the back of a pick-up truck.  You have to see the pictures to appreciate it.  Pirate day was the big event at the tower.  It’s amazing how excited these guys get about being drenched with water while they try to lay siege to the tower.  The “clout shoot” over at archery was one of my favorites today.  The guys get to launch arrows into the air while trying to get closest to the center of the pin on the field.  It is a very controlled exercise, but boy there is something about hurling an arrow in up in the air.

Canoeing acted out their “Waterworld” routine while screaming “hail Costner” across the lake.  The barn was practicing and preparing for their upcoming cross-country event next week.  Finally, mountain biking brought out the portable obstacles.  My favorite, and the big crowd pleaser, is the teeter totter.  It’s a little scary at first, but boy is it fun!  Having staff on both sides to spot is really makes it safe and helpful.

The whole Mini II age group has really gotten into a groove.  The four week guys have really helped them along in the activities.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the ask to stay for a month next year. I enjoyed a little time this morning with a few of the Mini II campers.  I decided to help out Hillside II with their cabin clean-up this morning.  Of course it’s not the favored event of the day, but I would definitely call it a life skill.  For me, it was a lot of humor and hands-on assistance. While you would think getting dressed should be plenty for this group, it’s quite a sight to see these guys sweep, mop, hang their wet towels, and even make their bed.  These are not easy tasks.  We all enjoyed a laugh or two and were able to make it up to breakfast before too long.  Those guys crack me up.

We just wrapped up our last dance of the summer with the girls of Keystone Camp.  We hosted all the ladies over here for the evening.  The weather was great and so was the company.  What a great bunch of ladies. After a few dances and some fresh baked cookies it was time to say good night.

I can here taps playing out the window while I wrap it up here. It sure has been a great day. I’m pretty worn out!  It’s off to bed for me! Have great evening…we sure are!



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