“Quiet” Day

July 18th Pictures

I guess “quiet” is what happens when you send about half of the campers out of main camp on trips and special events. It was another great sunny day at High Rocks and we are making the most of every bit of it! We had campers enjoying their second day of a three day climb at Looking Glass Rock today. We had paddlers on the Toe River. We had hikers enjoying their fourth day in Joyce Kilmer and have one more day to enjoy. We had the cabin of Connestee on the ropes course this morning. This evening Windswept and Outpost headed out for “Chill Night” where they will get to enjoy sliding rock and ice cream at Dolly’s Dairy Bar. The barn hosted another Cowboy Dinner Ride complete with trail rides and cooking dinner over the open fire. Hillside and Connestee headed out on cabin overnights where they will enjoy pita pizza’s and s’mores over the fire and sleep at one of our shelters on camp property. Needless to say these are all activities in addition to our regularly scheduled program activities which were running at full tilt as well. I often wonder how we fit is all in and then I remember it is our amazing staff that keep the energy up and campers moving!

As we get closer to the end of the third week of camp the campers already have a great deal of new experiences. Many of them have reached goals that they set at the beginning of the session and are now working on new goals. I have talked with quite a few guys that have recently worked their way into kayaks and are down at the docks every chance they can get. It is fun to watch them so dedicated and enjoying the new challenges. The first three weeks have flown by. I can hardly believe that we only have a little over a week left in the session. We have plenty planned for the last week to make sure it is non-stop action as well.

I hope that you will enjoy another batch of fun pictures from camp. We are keeping them busy and we will keep the pictures coming!

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