Starter and Mini I Parent Day

July 13th Pictures

We sure enjoyed our moment with all the of the Starter II and Mini I parents this morning.  These boys sure had an excellent time here!  I always enjoy seeing how excited the parents are after these sessions because, for many of them, it is a first time experience.  The boys all did wonderful. They were excited to tour around camp with their parents and see all the neat activities.  We have a new group of Mini’s in on Monday.  I miss the old group already.  So excited for the new group!

We had some really cool stuff happening in activities.  Hiking was working real hard on primitive fire skills. Climbing was testing the boys by challenging them in new ways.  Climbing blindfolded or maybe their hands tied together.  The mountain bikers were in full-on Harley mayhem.  Finally, there were a number of camper/counselor tennis matches today.  These are always a good show.

It wasn’t long after the parents left that I realized how much energy I burned with all the excitement of the morning.  I was ready to get into the dining hall for pizza day!  This isn’t just any pizza.  Debbie and the crew spend all morning proofing the dough, loading on the sauce, cheese, and then the pepperoni.  I love this pizza and so do the boys.  They came back for more and more.  We had just a few left at the end, which means everyone ate as much as they wanted!

So you take two weeks of camp, pile a few hundred calories of heavy pizza on top, and then sprinkle in a cool breezy day in the mountains.  Well, that adds up to one quiet rest hour…  Everyone was out cold! Nothing adds to a cozy rest hour like getting under the blankets; even the guys that usually read were drooling in no time :).

This afternoon it was back to activities as usual until 5pm.  At that time everyone headed back to the cabins for pre-dance beautification hour.  It’s a good time to shower up, find some clean clothes and get ready for the girls of Rockbrook Camp.  Our oldest boys stayed here, while the younger half headed over with me to Rockbrook.  We all had a wonderful time (even the younger guys).  It was nice to get back to camp and call it a day!

Tomorrow we get to sleep in just a bit longer.  Our morning will be nice and relaxed followed by another intense afternoon of games and excitement. I hope your day was as fun as our!

Enjoy the pictures,



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