Starter II is Here!

Pictures from July 8th, 2013

After a glorious Sunday and a rather late night of fun, camp is charging into our second week with full energy and enthusiasm. The break in the weather continued today and campers took serious advantage of their schedules that were now operating full speed across camp. Climbers were out on the tower trying their hands at some of the challenging routes counselors have set, each focusing on a different skill set to prepare themselves for tackling true rock faces on upcoming trips. Crafts was busy finishing woodworking projects with sanders, stain, paint, and surprising levels of focus! They were also applying varnish to their new walking sticks and decorating each stick with woodburners. Next door, pottery taught campers how to throw a shallow bowl on our electric wheels. This is always a favorite amongst campers, and always a messy operation while the guys get their skills down.

On the waterfront, sailors were working the mercurial winds and paddle boarders were attempting their pivot turns, dropping the back of their board nearly vertical in the water in order to effect a nearly instant change of directions. Needless to say, this resulted in many campers pitching off the boards to much hilarity and welcome splashing around before climbing back aboard a trying once more.

While canoers wisely waited one more day to take an out of camp trip on our swollen rivers, many campers left camp today bound for various points in the area. Cavers busted out early as usual, taking a group of older campers fairly deep in the Worley’s Cave network and returning a van full of mud, exhaustion, and fun. Climbers were met with sheets of water coming down their intended climb and so diverted to another location in Pisgah Forest to teach the crew how to repel down a vertical drop. While the group looks forward to heading out on a climb later in the session, they enjoyed the new skill and had some moments of nervous excitement as they first stepped over the edge! Mountain bikers took advantage of the drier trails to take a long ride in Dupont State forest, but still managed to find some wetter patches as they returned completely bespeckled with mud.

Hiking cranked out two different trips today. A three-day trip to Panthertown Valley left early this morning to one of the pretty sections of wilderness around, especially after all this recent rain. A Cooking Overnight also went out with the mission of teaching the young hikers a properly built cook fire, how to prepare raw ingredients, cooking those over an open flame, and then of course, how to enjoy a delicious meal in the woods. The group also took some serious breakfast makings and will repeat the experience tomorrow morning.

Today was also a special day with the arrival of our new Starter II group living in Connestee. They were a seriously excited bunch of guys this morning and quickly settled into their new quarters and cabin crew, pitching themselves into activities enthusiastically. By afternoon choice period, they were comfortable and mixing with the rest of the 4 Week campers, some down in the Ga-Ga Pit learning the ropes and then competing furiously. I had one pull me aside, identify me as a “camp manager” and proceed to relate how happy he was already with High Rocks, detailing new experiences, new people met, and all of the excitement waiting him just today. I think it rocked his world a bit to realize he was barely into his time here and he had many more days just like this coming straight at him. I also think that whole cabin is already asleep!

Please enjoy the pictures from today and I look forward to another day of challenging fun and trips galore.


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