Sun’s Out, Guns Out!!

July 15th Pictures

We knew it had to happen and after hiding behind a rain cloud early this morning, the sun popped out for the entire day! Blue skies, a cool and dry breeze, and general enthusiasm made the day fly by as all activities were able to participate to their fullest capacity. Sunscreen was used liberally, possibly for the first time this session as everyone soaked in the Vitamin D. Climbers were on a (fully) dry tower and were working hard in preparation for overnight trips coming soon. Soccer and tennis players both had more grip on the ground and a crispness that is hard to achieve when the playing surfaces are slippery… not that those have stopped our guys a bit!

Trips also got a welcome dry spell. Canoers took a group to the Chattooga where our boaters had their eyes opened wide at beautiful stretches of the Wild and Scenic river, punctuated with some pretty stiff whitewater that had the adrenaline pumping from the stories I heard. Mountain Bikers hit the drying and more hard-packed trails in Dupont for a quick, but intense, morning ride. Cavers, generally unfazed by any weather condition, told stories of some tight squeezes and crawls they accomplished, checking out some side chambers that are more off the beaten track. Climbers took a group to Horseshoe for a fun and challenging day. The group got to rappel down three hundred feet of rock face that they then climbed back up. There were several guys on the trip who faced down some serious fear of heights and finished the day on top of the world, literally and emotionally. Hikers departed this morning on their 5 Day hike through the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. Not only is this the longest trip out of camp that we send each year, but the group will be treated to old-growth poplar trees measuring 20 feet in circumference and standing over 100 feet tall. It is a rare kind of forest and a treat for hikers to experience a week within.

The weather’s timing could not have been more perfect as our whole group of Mini II campers arrived this morning, boiling out of their cars with excitement. Twenty-two junior campers toured camp, chose activities, and then so thoroughly spread out that I saw one in every corner of camp during our Choice Period at the end of the afternoon. It was a great sight to see 4 Week veterans recognizing there were new faces about and going out of their way to give some directions, include them in games, or just say hi. The kind of community that is built here during the summer creates that dynamic and campers naturally work to include others; not due to counselor pressure, but instead because that is what is done at High Rocks. There are some great shots of our Mini campers swimming, touring, and in their activities. Please enjoy the pictures tonight and we will see you back here tomorrow night!

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