Tennis Anyone?

July 10th Pictures

I don’t play tennis.  I like to play soccer & enjoy rock climbing, but tennis just isn’t my cup of tea. Except once a year during the camper/counselor tennis tournament!  My tennis partner, Mason, & I just finished our first round game.  The camper/counselor tournament is pretty laid back.  Our opponents in this round play about as much as I do so we agreed on some pretty lenient rules: first ball in, generous lines, serve from anywhere on the court, etc.  It made the match a fun time for all.  In many cases the campers have to coach the counselors and keep the score.

We’ve had three days of fairly normal weather, sunny during the day with a random thunderstorm passing through late in the day.  We’re still needing to adjust some of our trips due to high water in the rivers and seepage on rock faces.  Our paddling group went to the Tellico River and the climbers visited Happy Hour Rock.  One of our last caving trips was in Worley’s cave today and Mountain Biking reported that their trip to Dupont State Forest (bordering High Rocks) was fantastic!

I saw a few campers that had returned from a wonderful 3-day hike in Panthertown.  They had a nice hiking and camping experience & got to see some fantastic waterfalls. While one hike was coming home, we also had one heading out today.  They will spend two days on our 1100-acre property focusing on primitive and survival skills.  The group will build shelters, attempt to make fire by primitive means, find their hidden food with map and compass, and many other exciting activities.

Keep the cards & letters coming- campers love to get mail!  Camp is one of the few times that boys are disconnected from texting, Facebook, etc., so find a funny card or send a letter.  I can’t promise you will get a reciprocal letter, but they will enjoy hearing from you!

Enjoy today’s pictures!

Hank Birdsong


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