What Rain?

July 24th Pictures

We are very lucky to have former High Rocks camper Fritz Orr on our staff.  His writing style is almost as beautiful as the paddles he builds.  He shared this story with me:

One rainy afternoon over the rolling thunder, a canoe class gathers for a river reading class under the boat house around the foam pad river where strategically placed rocks and sculpted features becomes the teacher as campers learn to identify  specific river features. From the identification of river features campers then create their own strategies for running and finding safe lines in rapids. Just before moving to their next activity, I look behind me to find a camper who has slipped out into the rain where there is now a small river of water rolling down from the cabin, Lakeside, his Keens are forming two eddies and a downstream “V”. “Hey man don’t you want to get out of the rain?” A proud smile looks-up from his newly created eddies and responds “What Rain!”

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of a wonderful four weeks of camp for most of the campers.  The 2-week “mini-camp” group seems like they just arrived a few days ago.  I was just watching the “mini-camp” group going off the rope swing, their last evening activity of the session.  It’s been a cool session & most of those guys who don’t have too much body insulation, but they were loving the swings into the water.  Tomorrow evening will be “cabin night” followed by all-camp campfire on Friday evening.

This was the final day for “The Rolex” in horseback riding.  Today the campers were doing their third event, either stadium jumping or cross-country.  The staff has put together a fun & exciting event & the campers have loved it! We will put more pictures of that event up tomorrow.

Parents’ Day is this Saturday.  Please wait until after 9:15 to arrive.  We will get things going around 10:00 with demonstrations followed by lunch around noon.  I always like to remind folks about stopping by the cabin on closing day to be sure you get everything you came with before you leave. Don’t forget to check in crafts for forgotten projects.  If you enjoyed the pictures from the session, you can still order a flash drive from Townsend that has a high quality version of the pictures that have been on the website.  The 8gb drives are $30.  Just email her at townsend@highrocks.com.

Enjoys tonight’s pictures!


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