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Dolly’s and Summer Camp

As we approach Labor Day weekend, what many believe to be the official end of the summer, I thought I would share a link about Dolly’s and summer camps in Transylvania County. Dolly’s and Summer Camp While High Rocks isn’t … »

Ninety-Two More Fans of High Rocks

Pictures from Thursday, August 9th Today, the last full day of camp for this summer, has been busy!  Each of the activity areas had special fun activities this morning & this afternoon we had a fantastic final group activity (with … »

Camper-Counselor T-shirt Swap Day

Pictures from Thursday, August 8, 2013 (password required) – We can’t make this guarantee often, but today I can guarantee that each camper is pictured (we posted cabin pictures in this batch). Yesterday was “Wacky Hair Day”, today is “Camper-Counselor T-shirt Swap … »

Wacky Hair Day!

Pictures from Wednesday, August 7th We work on skills in our activities and social interaction in our cabin groups, but for most of our campers, camp is all about fun!  We had a few “hair stylists” outside the dining hall … »

I Get It!

Pictures from Tuesday, August 6th These guys took full advantage of the beautiful weather today.  It really takes that second week to figure it all out.  They were busting it up all around camp.  You could almost hear them say … »

Time for Some Trips

Monday, August 5th Pictures (password required) I’m back at camp!  For those of you that didn’t hear, I fell from a ladder & broke my collarbone & a few ribs the day before this session opened.  I made some brief visits … »

Carnival Day

August 4th Pictures Today was our first & only Sunday at camp during the two-week session. On Sundays we sleep in until 8:15, have a morning service by the lake with more reflective songs and a talk by a counselor. … »

The Coolest

August 3rd Pictures I think this could have been the best day yet for the guys!  Saturdays at camp are just a little different than the weekdays.  We do not have any trips out of camp since it is such … »

Self Reliance

August 2nd Pictures We had an incredibly beautiful day.  It was almost too warm?!? However, the nice breeze that blew all day was like whip cream on a Sundae.  The warm weather brought out a lot of guys to swim … »

Even Better

August 1st Pictures We had an awesome partly cloudy day, with a great breeze.  The sail boats were flying on the lake!  We did have a sizable deluge from about 5-6pm.  No worries, there was still plenty to do for … »