Carnival Day

August 4th Pictures

Today was our first & only Sunday at camp during the two-week session. On Sundays we sleep in until 8:15, have a morning service by the lake with more reflective songs and a talk by a counselor.  The morning talk is usually about things that will have meaning to kids and relate to their camp experience. Austin shared with us a story that related to following creativity, curiosity, and pushing yourself.  We wrapped up the morning with the Annual Counselor Hunt.  The boys receive a few rules and guidance while the counselors all hide.  The whole herd of campers are released through main camp to search out the counselors.  They stay in cabin groups and do their best to search out the staff without making a big deal.  Each staff member has a few small sheets with his name on it; they turn these over when a group finds them.  It is quite funny and exciting to see where these guys hide.

Lunch was a big roast beef, baked, chicken, AND ham dinner.  There were great sides like mashed potatoes , green bean casserole, and those ever tasty yeast rolls.  Lunch was followed by Sundaes for dessert and an extended rest hour.

The afternoon was filled with our annual High Rocks Carnival.  All sorts of fun games including , bounce houses, face painting, coffee sack races, and even snow cones!  This is the bulk of the pictures from today.

Everyone ran off to shower after the carnival.  We then had a great cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers our on the lawn.  After dinner, we had an all-camp campfire to finish out the day. Woody mentioned at the campfire that there were only five more program days of camp remaining, which brought a collective gasp from the group.  They couldn’t believe it.  They say time flies when you’re having fun, & we’re certainly having fun!!

Take care & enjoy tonight’s pictures.  I did put up some of  last nights’s event with the little guys attacking the staff in their makeshift castles.  Pretty neat!

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