Even Better

August 1st Pictures

We had an awesome partly cloudy day, with a great breeze.  The sail boats were flying on the lake!  We did have a sizable deluge from about 5-6pm.  No worries, there was still plenty to do for choice period and it didn’t mess up any activities.  Many of the guys were getting ready for cabin overnights or chill night. The rain let up during dinner and the few guys in camp were heading out for evening activity.

We had our first activity trips out today!  Some boys hit their first moving water trip on the French Broad River in tandem canoes.  The rock climbers took two trips up to our Cathedral Rocks, also known as the “High Rocks.”  It’s about a 20 minute hike from main camp. There are several large boulders that make up the area and climbers get to experience climbing on real rock. Campers are invited to participate in the trips when they are ready for the challenges they present.

The high ropes course was busy again with Lookout cabin in the morning and Holiday cabin in the afternoon.  There are some great pictures from both of those cabins today.  Those two cabins have had quite a day. They rolled in from cabin overnights this morning, then headed up the ropes course.  Some of these guys even went on paddling and climbing trips.  Finally, they rolled out to sliding rock and Dolly’s for chill night.  Talk about rock stars…  I’m sure those boys are going to sleep well tonight.

Life in the cabin is a huge part of camp.  It’s funny to think about as an adult, really.  When was the last time you shared a living space with six other people?  It’s not something that is first on the list when you ask your son what he’s most excited about when coming to camp.  Most all of the guys have their own bedrooms at home.  The cabin is the heart of what makes camp so awesome, though.  Again, these boys don’t actively think about the life skills of sharing, cooperation, or even small group dynamics.  But they sure do learn a lot in those buildings.  The cabin meeting is a central part that wraps up every day in the cabin.  Most of the guys share their highlights, anticipations, and even the parts they didn’t like about the day.  Some will use the meeting to work out resolutions of wet swim suits, smelly shoes, and personal space.  It really builds some lasting bonds and empathy for one another.  I love it when I see two buddies hanging out at camp; one of the guys lives in New Orleans, the other in Charlotte, but every year they request to be in a cabin together and pick up where they left almost a year ago.  That’s my dream for every camper.

Keep the cards and letters coming.  The boys LOVE to receive mail.  You can send faxes and e-mail as well.  Be sure that you do not add attachments to the emails; we do not open or print them.  Remind family members about the package policy to avoid trouble. An additional note about mail.  It is usually best to get all your mail sent by next Tuesday to be sure it makes it to camp in time.

There is a another good batch of pictures tonight.  If you do not see your camper, he may be out on a trip or maybe not getting in front of the camera.  Send him a note to be sure he does.  We do try to get as many shots as we can.

Once again, the fun continued tonight. Check all the fun we had for evening activities:

  • “Questions that don’t need answering.” (Hillside & Connestee) are in the gym.  Definite dodge-ball action!!!
  • “Green” (Lakeside & Foxhollow) Lakeside is on their cabin overnight. Foxhollow is in the cabin field.
  • “Purple Rainbow Unicorns” (Flattop & Chalet) Tearing up the water slide!
  • “Bottom Feeders” (Windswept & Outpost) Both out on Cabin Overnights.
  • “Red Robin” (Lookout & Holiday) Chill Night!
  • “Channel 4 News Team” (Halfway & Pinnacle) Chill Night!

Lots more to do tonight!  I’ll be back with more excitement tomorrow! It just keeps getting better!


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