Ninety-Two More Fans of High Rocks

Pictures from Thursday, August 9th

Today, the last full day of camp for this summer, has been busy!  Each of the activity areas had special fun activities this morning & this afternoon we had a fantastic final group activity (with MUD!) followed by a banquet and final campfire.

There is just something about a bunch of adolescent boys and mud!  Our final afternoon activity today finished in our custom mud pit.  The boys had a blast!

It’s hard to believe that it has been two weeks already. I have enjoyed watching the boys, learn, grow, and grit.  Yep, grit.  It’s one of the things that summer camp does for many of us.  It makes us hardy, ready to face new challenges, overcome setbacks, and even venture out a little more.  There are many boys that have challenged themselves these last two weeks.  They worked through all sorts of new challenges like staying away from home, making new friends, sharing, trying new food and more.  And I haven’t even started to talk about the activities.

I put a Facebook post up on my personal account the night before the two week session began.  I said “150 boys are coming up the road tomorrow! 92 of them have no idea what an awesome time they are going to have for two weeks! I can’t wait to show them how incredible High Rocks really is! This is one of my favorite sessions of the summer.” You see, I knew the other 58 already knew what a great place High Rocks already is.  I was impressed by all the longtime High Rocks staff and former campers on Facebook that chimed in about how excited they were for these guys along with their memories of camp and a little pat on the back to help me cheer them on.

Well…  There are now 92 more boys ready to share stories with you tomorrow about what an awesome time they had for two weeks at High Rocks!  I hope I hear from some of them years down the road cheering on the next awesome group of boys that will make High Rocks an awesome place once again. That’s right.  It’s your boys that make High Rocks awesome.  It’s one community living together for the betterment of one another.  They each add there own little piece to make High Rocks so special.

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow morning!  Drive safe and plan to walk around and just listen.  I’m sure your son has all sorts of stories to tell…

Parent’s Planning Guide for Saturday

  • No need to arrive before 9:30- have breakfast in town, go by Quotations and get a latte, read the newspaper, then leave Brevard after 9am
  • Arrive around 9:30, but Please not before 9:15!!  Our counselors will not be ready to load trunks until 9:15 & campers will still be in assembly until around  9:45 or later
  • We will direct you to the gym, where trunks will be loaded
  • From the gym you will drive to the parking area on Campfire hill
  • Once assembly is over (around 10:00am) each camper will be able to demonstrate the activities of his choice
  • Please plan to stay until noon and join us for an early lunch that starts around 11:30. If you were not planning to stay for lunch originally, don’t worry- we always plan for extra & will have plenty to go around.
  • At some point during the morning-
    • Go by crafts to pick up any projects
    • Check out at the camp office & pick up your packet (please bring a checkbook in case there is a small balance due)
    • Go by the cabin & pick up personal items that did not fit in the trunk (check cubbies & clothesline!)
    • Peruse the “lost & found” items
  • It is fine to bring other family members or friends that might be interested in seeing camp.  We ask that pets remain at home.

Safe travels to everyone that will be joining us tomorrow!

Don Gentle

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