Wacky Hair Day!

Pictures from Wednesday, August 7th

We work on skills in our activities and social interaction in our cabin groups, but for most of our campers, camp is all about fun!  We had a few “hair stylists” outside the dining hall this morning to help poof & colorize the hair on our campers and staff.  I would say most of the campers had something done to their hair.  It was a busy salon!  Some of them kept their style going all day but putting on helmets & going swimming returned most heads to their semi-original state early in the day.

In camp today Hillside and Connestee got to experience the ropes course.  One overnight hike returned to camp.  There were out-of-camp trips in canoeing and mountain biking today.  We included pictures from canoeing, the hike, and the polar falls trip in today’s batch.

Today’s canoeing pictures show a good example of a progression of skills. These guys stepped up to the next river today.  The Green River offers a good opportunity for introductory whitewater.  Most of yesterday’s river trip was on what we call moving flat water.  You can see the excitement, poise, and concentration these boys use while they navigate down river through appropriate level rapids.  It’s a lot of fun learning to run a river like this, but it takes practice, and focus to get there.  This is why the boys practice these skills everyday at camp.  While some camps do trips in these activities, we allow the boys to work on skills everyday AND get out on some great adventures!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you on closing day this Saturday.   Please plan to arrive around 9:30.  Campers will get out of assembly after 9:45. Each camper will be able to demonstrate the activities of his choice throughout the morning.  It is a great time to see what they learned at camp, meet with their counselor, and enjoy hearing all the stories.  So plan to stay until noon and join us for lunch. If you were not planning to stay for lunch originally, don’t worry- we always plenty for extra.

Tonight’s after-dinner activities (youngest to oldest):

  • “Questions that don’t need answering” (Hillside & Connestee) are zipping off the waterslide.
  • “Green” (Lakeside & Foxhollow) are in the bouldering cave.
  • “Purple Rainbow Unicorns” (Flattop & Chalet) are in the game room tonight.
  • “Bottom Feeders” (Windswept & Outpost) are doing canoe fill-ups.
  • “Red Robin” (Lookout & Holiday) dodge ball in the gym.
  • “Channel 4 News Team” (Halfway & Pinnacle) dodge ball in the gym.

Enjoy tonight’s pictures!


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