Summer Camp in Tallahassee

The best parts of being on the road is catching up with campers from the summer, spending time with parents, and introducing new families to the High Rocks experience. It’s great when returning campers come to the events and help us answer questions, and share their favorite parts about the summer.

Last night in Tallahassee was a real treat.  Not only did the Merrill’s host a great group of new campers, but Smith Merrill and Conner Story shared a little about their experience at camp and really helped me bring home the point of how great our food is at camp.

The kicker of the night was the awesome campfire scene after our presentation.  The Merrill’s backyard was instantly turned into a cabin overnight scene with all the boys roasting marshmallows, having fun, and making s’mores.  Even before the campfire, the guys were running around playing some sort of made up tag game, meeting new friends, laughing, and having a ball.  It was as if Camp High Rocks was right in the backyard of the Merrill’s house in Tallahassee, Florida!

It sure was a lot of fun! Thanks again to the Merrill’s for a great night!

Tonight, it’s rock climbing in Gainesville!  I’ll let you know how it goes.






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