On The Road Again

The High Rocks 2013 Fall tour is still going strong!  Woody completed his circuit of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic and is now back in the office after a run through Raleigh and Winston-Salem with WillyJ.  In Raleigh, Cooper and Beckett Darcy were excellent hosts and brought out some great friends of theirs who wanted to learn a little more about where the Darcy boys disappear to every summer.   Winston-Salem was also a great time; The Chambers family served up some delicious local pizza and a delightfully fun and informative session.  Don is still out on the road moving across Texas and Louisiana, and we look forward to getting a full trip report upon his return.  Many thanks not only to the prospective families for coming, but especially to our representative families for making these events possible.  We could not do it without you!

For those wondering what else goes on at camp throughout the fall/winter season, the short answer is…a lot!  After a thorough cleaning and some hard, smelly work the dining hall and lodge are sporting fresh refinished floors.  Go figure, hundreds of muddy feet create some serious  wear and tear even on sealed concrete.   Aside from maintaining the buildings and getting the cabins shut down for the winter, we are also currently engaged in an epic battle against the falling leaves.  Maintaining a home with a heavily treed yard is tough enough; imagine the challenge of keeping clear all the buildings, grassy areas, and roads throughout main camp!  As the weather permits, WillyJ and Zach suit up with leafblowers and go ham on the deciduous detritus.  When the leaves get particularly thick, we bust out our secret weapon: a mower-attached vacuum affectionately named the Leafy Bug.

In other news, we are also pleased to welcome Black Jack to the High Rocks Herd for 2014!  Jack, for short, is a draft cross with white stockings and a charming disposition.  He is already fast friends with Buckwheat, and will surely cause trouble with Shorty and Roxanne when they return from their winter vacations.

That’s all, folks!  Hope y’all are having a great week and you’ll hear from us again soon.

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