Say Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here at Camp we have plenty to be thankful for: an amazing summer 2013 with another great summer on the horizon, a successful travel season with our old, new, and prospective camp families, and much more that I won’t even try to enumerate.  And even though the office is unusually quiet this week (Don’s absence may be a contributing factor), that certainly doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.

Veteran staff members Abigail and Andrew West just settled into Brevard as permanent residents and we are thrilled to have them just down the road.  The Wests especially look forward to living in an area where all of their favorite adventures are backyard activities after returning from a multi-sport, cross-country road trip.  From hiking through slickrock canyons in Escalante National Monument, Utah to climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada, Andrew and Abigail spent about a month living the dream and laying down some serious horizontal and vertical mileage across the desert Southwest.  With all that in mind, we’re also thankful for a staff that practices what they preach and teach during the summer all year round!  Check out the sweet selfie of Abigail, Andrew, and WillyJ on the summit of K2 in Colorado’s Elk Range from an expedition earlier this September.  If you’ve been adventuring with other High Rocks folks out in the great, wide world and have pictures, send them to us!

In Camp, the battle against the fallen leaves is nearly at a close.  Furthermore, last week we began construction on Camp’s new “Sports Complex.”  Although you’ll have to stay tuned for more information, I’ll give you one major clue as to our plans for the unused space between the soccer field and the maintenance shop: sand.

On the office side, there are still spaces available in first mini and starter sessions as well as the two-week.  The four and three week sessions have open waiting lists, so if you have friends or family considering camp this summer encourage them to send in an application.  The same goes for staff; check the staff page on the website and bring on the referrals.  As an additional aside, if you’d like to give the gift of High Rocks gear (shirts, camp chairs, etc…) this holiday season, drop us a line and we’ll set you up.

Finally, we would like to offer the sincerest thanks to Fritz Orr and his retailer Taigan for collaborating on a paddle program for the Sumner Williams Campership Fund.  As if he doesn’t already do enough for camp, Fritz will donate 50% of the proceeds of every High Rocks paddle he sells through Taigan to the campership fund so that an otherwise unable young man can experience the power of a camp session.  Within a week of starting the program he already made a sale for High Rocks and we are sure more will follow.  Be sure to check out the recent spotlight on Fritz here in Fetch magazine.

Fritz on Bayless Boof, Upper Green River

Safe travels and best wishes this Thanksgiving!  More from Cedar Mountain to come soon…




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