Happy Holidays

We often overlook how important these guys are to camp.  They can be some of the most important staff we have.  Have you ever seen Tsali work a crowd?  How about Barley cruising over and making sure that a camper sitting by himself is doing all right? Crescent is the old pro as she now enters her 13th year here at camp.  She serves as a good mentor to all of them.  They keep us happy, make us feel good, and love having us around more than anything.

Here’ s to you!  All of you!  You are the reason High Rocks is such a great place.  We enjoy having you all as part of the High Rocks family.  We are counting the days and preparing for another great summer next year!  We wish you the best this holiday season.  Please be safe, keep in touch, and live life like it’s summer camp at High Rocks, everyday!

From all of us here at Camp High Rocks.



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