Who Needs Water

It sure has felt more like we live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire lately, than the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  With temperatures down to zero and single digits for several days, a little snow, and school out for most of the week.  Last week sure was crazy!  We did try to have a


little fun with the snow, however.  Grace tried her hand at a little snow kayaking after some demonstrations from Will Johnson.  The lake seems to be back to normal with the ice melting quickly.  It was sixty and rainy this morning.  Nice to be back to our normal.  Sort of…

It’s really funny how people ask me “What do you do the rest of the year?”  While I would hope to be snow kayaking, it is actually quite busy through the winter.  Front and center right now is the laborious task of finding the best staff for the summer.  We have a good number of returners, a few new folks who have already signed on, and many applications coming in each day. Woody and Zoob share to bulk of the work it takes to find the best ones, through personal interviews, references, and background checks.

We also spend a lot of time figuring out what worked and didn’t work last summer, and then try to find out how to make it better for this summer.  Our year’round crew spent an entire day last week planning and working through ideas for next summer.  We now have to divide up the tasks and get to work on those as well.

I haven’t even started on what it takes to care for 1100 acres of buildings, roads, and property.  I must say , it sure is a great job!  Off to more work changing the lives of our future leaders!


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