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Let the Journey Begin

Today’s Pictures Your boys have already started off on an incredible journey!  You could say it started way back when you signed your son up for camp. Or maybe it started his first year at camp.  He will only remember … »

Best Day Ever!

Today’s Pictures Well, it’s been three weeks already…  I can’t believe it’s over.  It has been such an incredible time. Sure we all had fun (a whole heap of fun!), but it was so much more than that.  We learned … »

Do We Have to Go Home?

Today’s Pictures Today is the last day of our typical activity schedule, and now it draws to a close.  As usual we sent trips out and welcomed them home.  We tied lanyards, sanded rough corners, and played card games.  After … »

A Crescendo of Comings and Goings

Today’s Pictures Here in our last week of camp, with activities all going full-on, there is a feel around camp that is somewhat calmer than the first two weeks. One reason is that so many people are on trips. Another … »

Mustache Monday!

Today’s Pictures Mustache Monday got me thinking about the wackiness of camp and how a child can thrive on being the person they want to be.  One of my favorite parts about summer camp is the ability to recreate yourself. … »

Only Four Days Left?

Today’s Pictures What a perfect day!  My morning started pretty early with two excited girls about to head off to camp.  They were up before 6:30 am. I went out on the deck to see an incredible sunrise with just a … »

Are You Kidding?

Today’s Pictures Tomorrow is a big day for me.  My two girls will head off to camp at Illahee for two weeks.  My oldest, Grace, is returning for her second summer at age 9.  However, this will be her first … »

We Work Hard… And Play Harder!

Today’s Pictures We are closing out the second work week of camp with a well-deserved movie break of Princess Bride tonight, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With our wonderful crew of campers thoroughly exhausted by these … »

No time to waste…

Today’s Pictures It was another great day at High Rocks!  You can tell that the boys are completely at home these days by the way they carry themselves, the inside jokes amongst cabin mates and the general energy around camp.  … »

Hump Day!

Today’s Pictures While I enjoy every opportunity I get to write, I won’t pretend for a second that I would rather be here in the office than joining the fellas in evening activity tonight.  After bbq chicken, fixings, salad, and … »