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Today’s Pictures

It was another great day at camp! We have been enjoying some cooler temperatures, lots of sun and a few showers. The day started off with the hike back into camp for several of our cabins that spent the night out camping. It is quite a feat to organize a group of boys, get them packed up, and hike back into camp before breakfast. This is just one of the many ways our staff shine on a daily basis. The rest of camp came to life at 7:45 with the wake up bell and revelry played by staff member Sumner Williams, grandson to founders Jane and Sumner Williams.

We had 4 trips head out of camp today. We had a group on a canoe trip to the Green River. The boys had a great time and we even have some pictures from the trip in tonight’s gallery. We also had a group that went caving in Woorley’s Cave in Tennessee. The guys always enjoy exploring and getting dirty in the cave. They also really enjoy the coveralls we supply them with names like Norm, and Bud stitched on them. The climbers were out at Looking Glass Rock today for some adventures. They had a great day and spent a lot of time in the forest with a bit of climbing due to a morning shower. The guys enjoyed some ice cream at Dolly’s on the way home and considered it a valiant effort. We had our first hiking trip of the season head out today to DuPont State Forest. The boys enjoyed seeing several waterfalls including a couple from the movies “The Hunger Games” and “The Last of the Mohicans.”

In camp today there was no lack of activity as you can tell from the pictures. It is such a treat to walk around camp seeing boys immersed in activities that, well just scream boy. All of our activities are designed with boys attention and energy levels in mind. It is great to see boys so active and engaged all day long. After a full day of scheduled activities we have evening programs that encourage running around and often being really silly. Tomorrow night we will have our “Air Band” program where guys get to enjoy a bit of the spotlight with their cabin group and ham it up. I have a little something planned for Don and Woody that they are not aware of yet. I will make sure the is picture evidence is shared later this weekend .

As a disclaimer after all this talk about boys I should mention that if you see an occasional girl in a picture we have not turned co-ed. Our two daughters participate in activities during the day as well as the daughter of our nurse this session. They have grown up around a bunch of boys so thankfully it feels natural. Don and I often laugh and say the universe certainly has a sense of humor with directing a boys camp and having two girls!

I wanted to share a conversation I overheard last night. One of our long time staff members said “we have a ridiculous number of great kids in this session.” I could not agree more- thanks for sharing them with us!



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